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Moore Industrial Hardware is the leading full service supplier of Industrial Hardware Since 1975.

Industrial Hardware Products : Door Checks: Handles : Hinges : Latches & Locks  - Panel Locks  - Folding T's  - Paddle Handles  - D Rings  - Trigger Locks  - Trailer Door Locks  - CAM Locks  - Rotary Locks  - Quarter Turns  - End Bolts: Drawer Slides : Catches & Latches : Misc. Hardware  - Edge Trim & Gasketing  - Fire Hardware  - Forgings  - Gas Springs  - Louvers & Ventilators  - Tie Down Rings  Terms & Conditions


Forgings - Eye Bolts

Eye Bolts
Standard Shoulder Pattern
Standard Plain Pattern
Large Plain Pattern

Forged Tank Flanges
Standard Flat Type Flanges with Pilot
Standard Heavy Curved Type Flanges

Rod Ends
Stocked in blank only, not drilled
Thickness of eye same as shank diameter

Weldless Turnbuckles Eye and Eye
Weldless Turnbuckles Jaw and Eye
Weldless Turnbuckles with Galvanized Body
Weldless Turnbuckles with Hook and Eye
Weldless Turnbuckles with Jaw and Jaw
Weldless Turnbuckles with Stubs
Weldless Turnbuckles without Stub

Elongated eyes for more uniform stress distribution and easy assembly with other fittings
Heavy rein sections for greater rigidity
Hexagon ends on all bodies provide full wrench bearing on pair of flats
All end Fittings are hot-dip galvanized after threading
Drop-forged from C-1035 special bar quality steel
Designed and engineered for strength and quality

Yoke Ends
Adjustable Yoke Ends
Plain Yoke Ends
Double Clevis Links

Yoke Pins
Assembly or Set consists of one-Yoke pin and one-Cotter Pin

Contact us today at 888-666-7344 for more information regarding our forgings and forged hardware.