Firefighters flock to US manufacturer for custom-made fire trucks

Pierce Manufacturing in Appleton, Wisconsin, is outspoken about manufacturing its custom-made fire trucks in America.

Fox News’ Todd Piro spoke with Pierce Manufacturing employees about the process and importance of building iconic machinery for American heroes.

Pierce Manufacturing director of engineering Joe Sell said being able to make fire trucks every day is like being a “kid in a candy store.”

“Every day you get to come to work, work with the awesome team,” Sell said. “We have over 3,000 team members, over 250 engineers.”

Every truck that’s manufactured at Pierce is custom-made, including decals, colors and personal touches.

“Every single order that we produce is a custom order,” Sell said. “[Customers] are looking for safety, reliability, innovation. At Pierce, we offer all of that.”

Senior director of operations excellence Rob Davis said thousands of firefighters per year pay a visit to Pierce Manufacturing to customize their own trucks.

“We want to give them exactly what they want,” Davis said.

The process begins with making the frame of the truck before the painting process begins. And Sell said there isn’t just one “fire truck red” hue.

“At Pierce, we don’t believe in one fire truck red,” he said. “We’ve got over 750 total colors that we can offer.”

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