98 mm Semi-Flush Recess Latch with Full Water-Sealing

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Brand: Weston Body Hardware

Dimension A (Case Length) 98 mm
Dimension B (Case Width) 20 mm
Dimension C (Fixing Centres) 22.5 mm
Dimension D (Fixing Centres) 82 mm
Dimension E (Bolt Width) 72 mm
Dimension F (Bolt Penetration) 82 mm
Dimension G (Max. Bolt Projection) 20 mm
Dimension H (Hole Sizes) M5 x 10 mm
Dimension A (Case Length /breadth) 98 mm
Dimension B (Height) 20 mm
Dimension C (Max. Depth) 22.5 mm
Dimension D (Recess Diameter) 82 mm
Dimension E (Hole Centres) 72 mm
Dimension F (Engagement) 82 mm
Dimension G (Latch Bar Width) 20 mm
Dimension H (Hole Diameter) M5 x 10 mm
Shipping Weight 1.5
Shipping Length 4
Shipping Height 2
Shipping Width 4
Freight Class 50
Package Type Barrel
Units Per Package 1

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