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Latches range in complexity from flexible one-piece flat springs of metal or plastic, such as are used to keep blow molded plastic power tool cases closed, to multi-point cammed latches used to keep large doors closed.


Common Applications for Our Latches

  • Entrance Doors
  • Cabinets
  • Refrigerator Doors
  • Chests
  • Sliding Doors
  • Moving Trucks
  • Gates

Industries that Use Our Latches

  • Furniture
  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Emergency Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Offices

Our Latch Manufacturers

  • Eberhard
  • Hansen International
  • Paneloc Corp
  • EMKA Inc
  • Illinois Lock Company
  • Tri Mark Corp
  • Bauer Products
  • Dirak Inc
  • Western Hardware

More Information

A latch is a type of mechanical fastener that is used to join two or more surfaces together while allowing for the regular or eventual separation of the objects or surfaces. A latch typically engages another piece of hardware on the other mounting surface. Depending upon the type and design of the latch, this engaged bit of hardware may be known as a keeper or strike. Note that a latch is not the same as the locking mechanism of a door or window, although often they are found together in the same product.

Latch Materials

Our latches are made from stainless steel, steel, and zinc. Our flexible hold-downs are made from rubber that is impervious to weather, oils, and chemicals. Our latches are available in many different finishes including: Zinc Plated, 316 Stainless Steel, Raw Finish, and Black Powder Coat.

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