Middleway Fire Department donates truck to James Rumsey Technical Institute

The Middleway Fire Department donated a 1991 KME to the James Rumsey Technical Institute on Monday, replacing two of the institute’s old fire trucks.

“The students were very, very exited,” said Principal Donna Van Metre. “To be able to get a new piece of equipment that is functioning completely.”

During the ceremony early Monday, Middleway Fire Department officials received a plaque for the donation. The donated truck was in service last week.

The institute prepares students for careers in fighting fires and as paramedics. Student Chaz Vangilder was excited to see a new fire truck.

“I think it’s awesome getting a new fire truck here,” Vangilder said. “So this class and classes soon-to-be will get the hands-on training for the fighting job.”

Instructor Steven Harris, who is just starting his fourth month at the institute as a faculty member, said the donated truck will play a big role in students’ success.

“It’s going to help the students immensely in achieving their certifications. We had two trucks that didn’t operate fully.”

About 25 high school students participate in the program every year. Students also receive college credits as well as their certifications.

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