Rice Lake Firefighters Riding Around in New Fire Truck

RICE LAKE – Rice Lake firefighters now have some new wheels to ride around in. The Rice Lake Fire Department was given a truck back in December that has now been in service for about two weeks.

It had previously been used for training, and was being outfitted for the past month and a half.

Mark Niemi, Rice Lake Fire Department Chief, says the new truck will allow firefighters to respond with six firefighters instead of two. He also says that it is able to carry more equipment, and provides more space.

Niemi says they wanted a truck that can grow with the community for the next 20 years, increase the overall safety for firefighters that respond, and increase overall efficiency when responding to emergencies, and financially.

“Having new equipment, operational equipment is paramount to us,” said Niemi.

The truck costs around $480,000, and it is the sixth truck the department has. It was paid for with around $800,000 the fire department has funded over the years.

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