Semi-Trailer Market key Drivers, Business Insights, Trends and Applications by 2027

The semi-trailer is a freight vehicle without a front axle. In semi-trailer, a large portion of is supported by tractor unit or detachable front axle and the other portion is semi-supported by its own wheels. Semi-trailers are widely used across the world to transport goods. Most manufacturers utilize the semi-trailers to carry raw materials and finished products. As semi-trailers are detachable, it offers better flexibility than full trailers. Besides, the turning radius of semi-trailers is smaller as compared to full trailers. Additionally, if tractor breaks down, the trailer can be attached to another tractor to avoid any delay in deliver. Due to these factors, the semi-trailers are preferred more over full trailers.

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Growing urbanization and increase in transportation of goods due to rising e-commerce sector is driving the market of semi-trailer market. Additionally, government norms across the globe encourage the use of semi-trailer truck as it emits lesser carbon than trailer truck is anticipated to drive the market. Besides, growth in cold chain industry is fueling the market growth. However, rising local manufacturers and jackknifing issues associated with semi-trailers is expected to hamper market growth. Furthermore, growing demand from energy, construction, automotive, and manufacturing sectors for transportation is proliferating market growth.

The Semi-Trailer market trends are as follows:

Rising demand for refrigerated semi-trailer

The refrigerated semi-trailer has gained significant importance due to increasing cold chain logistics. Moreover, the refrigerated semi-trailer is engineered to haul goods at a specific temperature. Besides, temperature of the refrigerated semi-trailers can be maintained at lower temperature with the help of mechanical refrigeration system powered by small displacement diesel engines, or utilize carbon dioxide. Due to rising emission from refrigerated semi-trailers, the quest for alternative fuel has gained momentum. For instance, in 2019, Chereau unveiled its first hydrogen refrigerated semi-trailers to reduce environmental impacts.

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