Skamania Fire District #1 Bolsters Fleet With New Toyne Apparatus

Trading views of the cornfields of Iowa for forested mountains of southern Washington state, a new Toyne Pumper–named Engine 11–has been delivered to its new home with Skamania Fire District #1 (SFD). This is the department’s second Toyne Tailored Apparatus, and just like the other Toyne in their fleet, it is geared explicitly for SFD’s needs.

Established in 1959, Skamania Fire District #1 has been providing fire protection to the residents of Carson, Cook, Stabler, and surrounding communities in Skamania County for over half a century. In total, the department watches over a mountainous territory that spans nearly 44 square miles. To cover such a large area, the fire district has 35 highly trained volunteers that respond to fire, medical, trail, rope, vehicle, and hazardous material emergencies. Their new Toyne Apparatus is designed to reinforce their dedicated response efforts to those they serve.

“This versatile Toyne Pumper will be a valuable addition to Skamania Fire District’s fleet and a big help to the volunteers serving their communities,” said Bill Bird, Toyne Product Support Coordinator. “We are proud to be a part of their process, and to be trusted by this fire department to build highly capable apparatus.”

Skamania’s pumper is mounted to a Spartan Metro Star MFD chassis with a ten-inch raised roof. Under the hood, the apparatus is equipped with a 450-horsepower Cummins ISL9 engine and an Allison 3,000 EVS Transmission. The cab’s interior has enough seating for six occupants and hosts several different features, including a backup camera system, in-cab custom storage, and an in-cab radio system with mounted headsets. Engine 11 is covered in a two-tone black/red paint scheme with custom lettering and striping.

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