This Adorable Electric Fire Truck Is The Future We Need

Fire trucks are great candidates for electrification. They travel short distances, return to the same location after every trip, and unlike most heavy duty trucks often operate in residential neighborhoods where people probably don’t want diesel engines running for extended periods on their block.

Which is why I, for one, am pretty psyched by this electric fire truck concept by Austrian fire truck manufacturer Rosenbauer that the Menlo Park, California Fire District is looking into.

First of all, the thing is adorable. It is far less aggressive-looking than the giant red engines we have now, but it also doesn’t look like a toy.

But this is a fire truck, and looks don’t matter. I want the damn thing to do the job. And the early indications are, it can. From ABC’s Bay Area affiliate:

To be sure, $6 million is a hefty price tag for one truck, but something tells me the home of Facebook with a median household income of $132,000 can afford it.

And why not? The thing is decked out, according to the Rosenbauer website. It’s got a built-in WiFi access point with remote control drone access system, adjustable height so the vehicle can be lowered for easier access to equipment, haptic feedback in the drivers seat, all-wheel drive, a low center of gravity for “excellent road holding,” and a modular interior design.

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