Truck-Lite unveils Road Ready trailer tracking system

Truck-Lite has announced its first foray into the telematics market with the release of its Road Ready trailer tracking system. The Road Ready system creates a “smart” trailer with its solar-powered Master Control Unit (MCU). Using military-grade solar power technology and a 10-year, quick-charging battery , the MCU continually monitors and cellularly transmits crucial data from customizable Road Ready sensors to an intuitive user interface, all without requiring power from a tractor.

Features include:

  • A digital view of the trailer’s current conditions;
  • An actionable alerts dashboard, so the customer is not overloaded with data;
  • Solar-powered, but can report data for up to 60 days without solar energy;
  • A hypertracking GPS system that provides minute-by-minute location updates; and
  • A design that minimizes the risk of damage.

“From operational improvements to reduced CSA scores, Road Ready can boost a fleet’s financial performance as well,” said Roger Elmer, director of research and technology development for Truck-Lite. “The system helps fleets get their trailers in true road-ready condition and maintain sustainability.”

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